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We understand equipment keeps getting heavier and heavier to haul.  We also understand that some loads are more fragile and more expensive than ever before.  Our 24 Wheeler portfolio caters to all of those needs.  Our design offers extreme stability that will give you more confidence making corners off road with that over-sized load.  We have also complimented our trailer with an air-ride disc brake system that will stop your trailer when you want it to stop.  Visit our selling dealer to view and discuss all of the great and numerous Doepker advantages and options on this trailer.




Length 52' 11 3/8"
Overall Width 10' 6"
Distributed Load Approx 75 Ton over 20'
Tare Weight To Be Determined
GVWR 83,500 kg
Landing Gear Heavy Duty Telescopic Fold up Style Dolly Legs
Tractor Coupler Height 40" Coupler Height
King Pin Drop in King Pin at 20" Setting - 1/2" Coupler Plate
Pickup Throat Full Width Pickup Throat with 1" Cable Saver and Tail Chain Anchors c/w 7" Diameter x 4" Wide Rollers Set at 68" and 58" on Center
Live Rolls 10 3/4" Live Roll at Back with 4 Support Rollers
8 5/8" Kicker Roll Installed Approx 18' Behind King Pin
8 5/8" Kicker Roll Installed Approx 32' Behind King Pin c/w Single Ratchet Assembly to Allow One Direction Lock
Main Beams Outer Rail - Web: 5/16" High Tensile, Flange: 1" High Tensile
Outer Rail 8" Channel
Crossmembers 4" Beams on 16" Centers
Load Securment  1 5/8" I.D. Pin Pockets - 32 Per Side
Bolster System c/w Tie Pocket
Tie Pockets on 16" Centers
Lugs Tow Lugs - 2 Per Side Located in Front of Suspension and Ahead of Dolly Legs
Cross Chain Lugs - 2 Located at Back of Trailer
Lift Lugs - 1 Per Side Located at Back of Suspension
Decking 3" Rough Fir Complete Width on Deck Planed Down to 2 3/4" - Rough Side Up
One Piece 3/8" Welded Steel Fender Installed Over Outside Tires
Back of Trailer Oil Field Style Rear Bumper for Tandem Axle Booster Hook at Back c/w Air and Electrical
Doepker Mudflaps
Air System Aluminum Air Tanks
Inline Air Filtration System Built into Glad hands
Tires 275 70R22.5 - Michelin or Yokohama
Rims 22.5 - Various Steel and Aluminum Options
Serial Plate Canada / U.S.
Safety Certifed Yes



System 90,000 lb Air Ride c/w Y Trailing Arm with Wabco Disc Brake Pan19 with Single Shock and Greased Hubs
Short Track Tapered Spindle Axles
Air Ride c/w Dual Dump Valves and Pressure Gauge - Set at 11"
Overstroke Valve - Independent for D/S and C/S
Cam Tube Enclosures
Chain Axle Slings
Hostler Valve on Emergency Line
Wheel Seals Stemco Guardian
Axle Spread 60" Tridem
Spring Brake Pots  Type 20 Service Brake Pots
Wheel End Optional: Hubodometer - Metric or Imperial



Blast Preparation Completely Steel Shot Blasted 
Special Coatings Pure Zinc on Complete Steel Outside 
Primer PPG Epoxy Primer 
Top Coat PPG Urethane / Acrycote Systems - All Colours Available
Professional Cure System Entire Trailer put in Heat Ovens for Optimal Paint Adhesion
Safety Reflective Tape



Wiring Harness Severe Duty Sealed Harness System
Custom Designed by Trucklite for our Light Packages
Lighting Trucklite LED as per CMVSS with Side Signals
7 Wire Socket at Back For Booster Hook-Up
Optional: Additional 4 Wire Socket at Back
Optional: Additional 7 Wire Socket at Back
Optional: Wide Load Lights c/w Flag Holder
Optional: 2 Strobe Lights in Lieu of Standard Inside Brake Light c/w Switch in Air Guage Box



Mudflaps Mudflaps Ahead of Lift Rolls and Control Boxes
Full Width Rubber Belting Ahead of Air Tanks and Suspension


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  Doepker Industries Ltd. provides 100% parts and Labor coverage on all components for a period of 90 days from in-service date with the exception of tires and ABS sensor alignment.  After the 90 day period, supplier warranty coverage applies.  Consequential damage is not covered.
STRUCTURE: 1 Year:  100% Parts and Labour
PAINT: 1 Year:  Workmanship
1 Year:  Material as per Manufacturer Warranty
WHEEL ALIGNMENT: 30 Days:  From In-service Date


Wiring Corrosion 1 Year:  100% parts and Labor against corrosion on greased electrical wiring and greased ABS connections
Trucklite Wiring Harness 5 Year:  Harness and junction box for manufacture defects.  Parts replacement only  Corrosion is not accepted as warrantable beyond the Doepker coverage
Trucklite Lights Lifetime:  LED lights for manufacture defects.  Parts replacement only
Corrosion is not accepted as warrantable beyond the Doepker coverage
Doepker Wiring & Install 1 Year:  100% parts and Labor due to manufacturing defect or workmanship


Sealco 2 Year:  From manufacture of valve.  100% parts replacement and Labor
allowance for defects in material or workmanship
Bendix 1 Year:  From in-service date.  100% parts replacement and Labor
allowance for defects in material or workmanship
Meritor Wabco ABS 3 Year or 300,000 Mile:  100% parts replacement and Labor allowance
Wheel Sensor Alignment 30 Day


Steel (Hayes Lemmerz) 5 Year:  From date of manufacture if unserviceable due to functional defects
in material or workmanship
Aluminum (Alcoa) 5 Year:  From date of manufacture for defects in material or workmanship


Tires As per manufacturer's warranty
Stemco Seals 1 Year:  From manufacture date.  Parts and Labor.
Brake Shoe and Lining 1 Year or 100,000 Mile:  Parts and Labor for manufacture defects
*Warranty is based on normal use, proper maintenance and does not cover wearable items or consequential damage at anytime.  
*  Used as a guideline only and deemed accurate at time of publishing.  Subject to change without notice based on trailer model year, components used and manufacturer changes.  See dealer / component website and literature for more details.



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