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When Doepker introduced our "patent pending" Impact gravel end dump design in 2009, it was the first time our market had seen anything like it.  Strongest, lightest, most stable, multi-purposed, and highest resale in its class is what you receive when you invest in our Impact gravel trailer.  Available in a tridem or tandem, this highly engineered design offers Hardox as the standard tub material integrated with our special tapered tub design that offers superior clean out.  The Impact end dump gravel trailer gives you the ability to move your tub back and forth on the frame to adjust rear tub overhang.  This gives you the flexibility to haul asphalt into a paver or allows you to increase wheelbase to provide the ultimate payload on all of your axle groups when stock piling aggregates or hauling contaminiated soil.  Visit your local dealer to view and discuss all of the great and numerous Doepker advantages and options on this industry changing gravel trailer.

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Adjustable Box

Change your hingepoint to best match your application.

Tapered Tub Design

Our tapered tub design limits the number of places product can hang up helping optimize cleanout.

Wider & Stronger Frame

Our frame is wider than most in the industry improving the stability of the trailer.



Length Tandem - 26' 9"
Tridem - 34'
Overall Width 8 1/2'
Tub Wall Height 51 1/2"
Capacity Tandem - 33.7 Cubic Yards with 8" Side Boards
Tridem - 40 Cubic Yards with 8" Side Boards
Tare Weight Tandem - 13,200 lbs
Tridem - 16,550 lbs
GVWR Tandem - 35,000 kg
Tridem - 37,500 kg
Landing Gear Jost Magnum 2 Speed Landing Gear
Optional: Extendable Drop Leg Landing Gear
King Pin Tandem - Set at 28" - 1/4" Coupler Plate
Tridem - Set at 16" - 1/4" Coupler Plate
Main Beams Web:
Tub 4mm Hardox 450 Wall and Floor Tapered Tub Design (Longitudinal Bends) For Maximum Strength, Weight, and Best Cleanout
D Shaped Tub
"Quick Adjust" Box Locations Including "Paving Equipment" Setting
Ultra Stable Design
Optional: Aluminum Checkerplate Installed on Front Panel
Cylinder Tandem: HYVA FEE 8-5-243
Tridem: HYVA FEE 9-5-269
1" Female Quick Coupler at Front of Trailer
Optional: 1" Male or Female Winged Coupler at Front of Trailer
Optional: Pressure Relief Valve
Ladders Ladder at back on D/S
Optional: Additional Ladder Installed at Front of Trailer on D/S
Back of Trailer Push/Pull Brackets
Standard End Gate
Optional: Sealed End Gate
Side Boards 8" Fir Side Boards
Optional: 10" Fir Side Boards
Air System Aluminum Air Tanks
Inline Air Filtration System Built into Glad hands
Tires Michelin or BF Goodrich
Rims Various Steel and Aluminum Options
Serial Plate(s) Canada
Safety Certified Yes



System Hendrickson Intraax AAT 25K LDA14" Air Ride 25,000 lbs with Cam Tube Enclosures
Optional: Hendrickson HT300 - 15" Air Ride with Cam Tube Enclosures, with Axles Rotated so Brake Pots are Front and Up
Optional: Doepker Auto Lift Management System with Meritor Control Valve (Tridem Model Only)
Optional: Truckweight Wireless Scale System
Wheel Seals Stemco Guardian
Brakes Abex 16 1/2" x 7" Extended Life
Antilock Braking System Meritor Wabco 2S1M (2 Sensors / 1 Modulator)
Optional: 2S2M (2 Sensors / 2 Modulators)
Optional: 4S2M (4 Sensors / 2 Modulators)
Axle Spread 49" Tandem - 77 1/2" Track Width
60" Tridem - 77 1/2" Track Width
Auto Slack Adjusters Gunite
Spring Brake Pots 30/30 TSE Omnibrake
Wheel End Cast Hub and Drum
Optional: Duralight Hub and Centrifuse Drum Combinations
Optional:  Hubodometer - Metric or Imperial



Blast Completely Steel Shot Blasted 
Special Coatings Pure Zinc on Complete Steel Outside 
Primer PPG Epoxy Primer Inside and Out
Top Coat PPG Urethane / Acrycote Systems - All Colors Available
Professional Cure System Entire Trailer put in Heat Ovens for Optimal Paint Adhesion and Cure
Safety Reflective Tape



Wiring Harness Severe Duty Sealed Harness System
Custom Designed by Trucklite for our Light Packages
Lighting Trucklite LED as per CMVSS with Side Signals



Tarp  Michel's Gravel Guard - Vinyl, Mesh or Neoprene
Tarp Openers Manual Chain Drive
Optional: Electric Drive with Manual Chain Drive Backup
Hoops 12" Standard Tarp Hoops
Optional: 18" High Rise Tarp Hoops



Fenders Galvanized Flat Fenders at Front
Aluminum Checkerplate Fenders at Back
Optional: 166 Degree 1/2 Round Fenders at Back - Galvanized, Stainless Steel or Minimizer Poly
Mudflaps Doepker Mudflaps at Rear
Full Width at Landing Gear
Full Width in Front of Suspension
Full Width at Back
Placard Holders Optional: On Each Side
Spare Tire Carrier Optional: C/S



Impact Tridem


Hardox Extreme Challenge Monster Machine

Hardox Extreme Challenge Demolition Tool

Hardox Extreme Challenge Crazy Crane Operator

Loading Boulders in a Hardox Tub

 Doepker Industries Ltd. provides 100% parts and Labor coverage on all components for a period of 90 days from in-service date with the exception of tires and ABS sensor alignment.  After the 90 day period, supplier warranty coverage applies.  Consequential damage is not covered.FOR MODELS 2007 and NEWER FRAME:
 3 Year:  100% Parts and Labour
4th Year:  50% Parts Only
5th Year:  25% Parts OnlyBOX (IMPACT, PUP, QUADS):3 Year:  100% Parts and LabourPAINT:1 Year:  Workmanship
1 Year:  Material as per Manufacturer WarrantyWHEEL ALIGNMENT:30 Days:  From In-service Date   


Wiring Corrosion1 Year:  100% parts and Labor against corrosion on greased electrical wiring and greased ABS connectionsTrucklite Wiring Harness5 Year:  Harness and junction box for manufacture defects.  Parts replacement only  Corrosion is not accepted as warrantable beyond the Doepker coverageTrucklite LightsLifetime:  LED lights for manufacture defects.  Parts replacement only
Corrosion is not accepted as warrantable beyond the Doepker coverageDoepker Wiring & Install1 Year:  100% parts and Labor due to manufacturing defect or workmanship   


Sealco2 Year:  From manufacture of valve.  100% parts replacement and Labor
allowance for defects in material or workmanshipBendix1 Year:  From in-service date.  100% parts replacement and Labor
allowance for defects in material or workmanshipMeritor Wabco ABS3 Year or 300,000 Mile:  100% parts replacement and Labor allowanceWheel Sensor Alignment30 Day   


Alum / Galvanized / Steel6 Month:  From date of installation against defective workmanship.  Parts
replacement onlyMinimizer (Plastic)Click here for manufacturer's warranty details   


Steel (Hayes Lemmerz)5 Year:  From date of manufacture if unserviceable due to functional defects
in material or workmanshipAluminum (Alcoa)5 Year:  From date of manufacture for defects in material or workmanship   


Jost 37 Series 5th Wheel5 Year:  Parts and Labor for defects in material and workmanshipJost Landing Gear (Mag 500)5 Year:  Parts and Labor for defects in material and workmanshipJost King Pin5 Year:  Parts and Labor for defects in material and workmanship  Holland 5th Wheel (3500)
 Lifetime:  For defects in material or workmanship
6 Year or 600,000 Mile:  On wear limits and cracks on standard duty applications
Labor allowance is considered for removal, repair, and replacementHolland Landing Gear5 Year:  Parts replacement from date of manufacture for defects in workmanship
2 Year:  Labor allowance is considered for removal, repair, and replacementHolland King Pin2 Year:  Material or workmanship.  Parts only.   


TiresAs per manufacturer's warrantyKML Bearings1 Year:  From manufacture date free from defects and workmanship.  Parts only.Stemco Seals1 Year:  From manufacture date.  Parts and Labor.KIC DrumsLimited Lifetime:  For manufacture defectsWalther Dura-Light HubsLifetime:  For manufacture defectsBrake Shoe and Lining1 Year or 100,000 Mile:  Parts and Labor for manufacture defectsTSE OmniBrake Brake Pots4 Year Standard Warranty; 5 Year Extended Warranty for Nartional Fleet PartnersTSE UltraLife Brake Pots6 Year Standard Warranty; 7 Year Extended Warranty for National Fleet PartnersMeritor Slack Adjusters5 Year/500,000 Miles: Parts. 1 Year/Unlimited: Parts & Labour    


Hendrickson (incl trailing arms)5 Year:  Parts  -  1 Year Labor   


Hendrickson Air Spring2 Year or 200,000 Mile:  100% parts replacement
1 Year or 100,000 Mile:  LaborHendrickson Shock Absorber2 Year or 200,000 Mile:  100% parts replacement and Labor allowanceTri-Functional Bushing
(incl wear pads)
5 Year or 500,000 Mile:  100% parts replacement
3 Year or 300,000 Mile:  Labor allowanceHendrickson Camshafts3 Year or 300,000 Mile:  100% parts replacement
1 Year or 100,000 Mile:  Labor allowanceHendrickson CamtubesHighway:  3 Year:  Parts and Labor
Off-Highway:  3 Year Parts  -  1 Year Labor   


Michels' Tarp and HardwarePro-rated:  Varies with tarp style and typeHydraulic Valves and PlumbingGuaranteed against manufacture defects on individual basisAccessories1 Year:  100% parts and Labor from in-service date for manufacture defects and
installation on all Doepker Accessories (IE:  Toolboxes, fenders, ladders, pipe bunks…) 

HYVA Hydraulic Cylinder2 years - parts only

*Warranty is based on normal use, proper maintenance and does not cover wearable items or consequential damage at anytime.  


*  Used as a guideline only and deemed accurate at time of publishing.  Subject to change without notice based on trailer model year, components used and manufacturer changes.  See dealer / component website and literature for more details.




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